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ShehabArt is a leading marketing & technology company working on most developed approaches & tools to help businesses & people to embrace creativity & technology changes among all their business aspects, and to be on the top of today’s marketing.

We exist to connect creativity and technology and integrate them to create professional business and motivating products & services, by providing creative graphics & designs, digital & social media marketing, and developed communication strategy.

We don't work by one activity template for all work types, but we develop and customize all of each activity depending on the work type (no-profit , business, real-estate, scientific ,public ,etc) and its activity targets(visualize & develop data ,raise awareness , branding, launching new products, human sources, human rights ,creating satisfaction, active communication, developing audience ,etc).

We provide region & audience-based marketing and advertising services, where we can target your audience accurately with best effect & acting can be made, and achieving your specific goals.

Our vision 
Spreading the creativity & digitalism among business community sectors and enable them to lead the market & inspire community.


Empower business sectors on the modern internal & external business development solutions by providing last developed marketing & campaigning solutions and motivating graphics & designs.

Our goals

– Develop marketing –related strategies & initiate creativity among it.
– Enable business & people to use most developed social& digital techniques and tools.
– Enable business society to use most developed approaches in the campaigning & marketing, to promote their activities and keep their clients updated & engaged.
– Expressing businesses by graphics & creative designing.
– Leading the acting between business & community by social media & many other varies motivating tools.
– Provide business with best analysis and statistics about their position and their competitors in the marketing attitude.