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Mocha Coffee

Mocha Coffee , While having this delicious drink, have you ever wondered where its origin or who discovered it?

Mocha Coffee, is an original Yemeni coffee.

It was exported to the world almost 6 centuries ago, and became their favorite drink.

Historians say the Tihami Sheikh is the first to discover the rich Yemeni coffee in 1424.

Yemen was the only source of coffee exported to all the world in the 16th & the 17th centuries.

Later, Coffee was exported to all Europe through Netherland.

Dutch companies were the frontrunners to import Yemeni coffee by the Dutch traveler Pieter van den Broecke in 1614.

Yemeni coffee became famous and the finest premium coffees in the world.

Mocha coffee named after the Yemeni port “Makha Port” which was used to export the Yemeni coffee.

First coffee shops have arisen up in Yemen then around the world.

Have you ever tasted original Yemeni coffee?

Animations Motion Graphics

Mocha Coffee

Voice-over | Michael Jones
Sound fx & Music | Shehab A. Saleh
Script Writer | Dr.Amal Al-Hemyari
Resources | Dr.Abdualwadod Moqsher – The Merchant Houses of Mocha – Wikipedia
Translation | Abdullah Yusuf
Directed by | Shehab A. Saleh

  • Date

    January 1, 2020

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    Coffee, Mocha, Yemen

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